GDevTalk History

This is me! Hello everyone, I’d like to go over who I am and some of the history of this website.

Who am I?

Name: Jeff
Age: 23
Location: USA; Minnesota
Hobbies: Video games, media, computers & technology, writing, etc.
Occupation: Student @ University of Minnesota & Employed at Super Target (Produce Trainer)
Education: 2-year associates in Computer Networking from St. Paul College; Working on getting 4-year bachelors in Communications from UofM
Games I’m currently playing: Minecraft, Torchlight II, Perfect World International, Planet Forever, Guild Wars 2, Cube World + more

History of GDevTalk

GDevTalk has a rich and vibrant history, though nothing quite the same as what I’m making with GDevTalk currently. It all started back in 2004-2005-ish. I worked as a news staff over at PPN (Pokemon Palace Network), and began working on free websites & blogs in my spare time. Some of the first few websites I played around with:

After a while, PPN closed down and I lost interest in working with websites. Later on, a few years after – I began getting into anime, manga, and media encodes, uploads, downloads, etc. I found an awesome website called BlankEvo/Blankevolution/BlankEnt/BlankEntertainment/BlankAnime (website went through many name-changes), where I worked with awesome people and started uploading media for people weekly. I had poor internet and very little time, so I could only do so much. MegaUpload offered some interesting conceptual uploading, which peaked my interest and I began uploading media to that storage service. I started to have so many anime uploads that I couldn’t organize them properly myself, and decided to work on a free website of my own, that would allow me to throw up news and media of the series I was working on. This website was:

It became incredibly popular, and during this time I also picked up working a side-project with a friend I met online, at:

Slowly, things began to fall apart… The admin @ Animadness put the website on hiatus to work on a new version… Which never came to fruition. I ran out of time to work on both BlankEvo and TWF, so my posts on BlankEvo became less frequent. In late 2009, early 2010, I stopped updating TWF. I left the website up, but after a while it was shut down by the free-host (Bravehost). The website had taught be a lot about HTML and CSS coding, as the entire website was hand-coded with no CMS or automated news system. BlankEvo continued with other staff, but eventually others lost time, interest, etc and the website lost most staff.

In late 2013, I decided to work on websites again. That’s where GDevTalk comes in. I purchased a domain and web-host, instead of using a free-host – by going with HostGator. This cut pop-ups, ads, bandwidth/storage space restrictions, and allows me to create a glorified web-experience. I don’t know where the path may lead for this website, but I want to present the most fluid and best website experience I’ve ever done. By utilizing WordPress & FluxBB, I was able to come up with a solid website CMS news system and a solid forums/message board. The future will be amazing.