Jul 21

Website troubles

Hello all,

Over the last 18 days we have had a website outage. While I do apologize for this, it was (as most expected), completely out of my hands. The mini wiki project @ http://wiki.gdevtalk.net was a complete flop, as it began to get hit pretty aggressively with spam and bots. Coincidentally, I was out of town while this was happening. The sub-domain essentially got hit so hard that it could be considered a DDOS attack, and the web-host terminated HTTP access until I resolved the issue.

I came back on the 11th (problem started on the 3rd), to find my website unresponsive, and immediately took action by removing the sub-domain and contacting the webhost with a ticket. Days began passing with no response. It took until today for them to give HTTP access back, and even so — I had to deal with 7 live support chats to get this resolved.

So, while I do apologize, I’m just happy that I was successful at resolving the issue. The website is back up and running, and we should look toward the future projects!