Nov 24

A Discussion on Capitalism

Capitalism is problematic, but has provided so much to our society. This topic has really resonated with me in the last few years, while I have been working on my undergrad. Education is interesting… Without proper education, one is more often than not confined to poverty and working remedial (mostly service-based) jobs. We need these types of people in society, though, right? This should be noted that I live in the United States, so this perspective is relative.

Education confinements

The problem with education is that without it we are confined to poverty. However, with it, one has more chances and opportunities for solid employment. One can work a job that they have less distaste for than a job that has no requirement for a degree. This is a fact, and a lot of proponents of capitalism and education in its current state will attempt to fool you. Education after high-school isn’t a must-have, and general education through technical schooling for specific crafts are note-worthy. Unfortunately, most corporate employers have requirements of not only experience (which one supposedly acquires through internship opportunities during their undergraduate program), but a four-year bachelors degree in a specific field. An example of this is my current employer – Target, requires a four-year degree in any field to obtain the ETL/corporate positions. If you’ve worked 50 years for the company and have worked your way up to a TL (manager) position, they could care less. If you have a 2 year degree, it’s not enough. Furthermore, if you have no degree but are only a few classes away, you are still not “worthy”.

This problem comes back around to costs.


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