Apr 22

Interface updates & Borealis sub-domain functionality!

Some fairly minor changes today, but progress has been made. I’ve removed the underlines under the contact me section for all links (an error), and updated the navigation section with Borealis’s website. Speaking of that website; it’s now functional, and I’ve made a to-do post & added a theme. I still have a lot of work left to do to it, but it’s coming along nicely.

It should also be noted that we are still receiving spam on our forums even after implementing the captcha method. Though, the number of bots registering has currently been about 1 per day, and only 1 of the bots ever made a spam post. Depending on consistency, I may need to look into further methods of stopping the spam. Possibly two captcha methods? Anyways, just a thought. For now, it’s alright and I’ll survive with removing 1 bot and 1 spam post per day. It could be worse.

More to come soon!