Apr 15

Sidebar adjustments and additions & Future stuffs!

To better improve the look & feel of GDT, I’ve changed some of the sidebar. I’ve also added some contact information (Twitter/Facebook), and added my YouTube account (finally!). I took a peak at possible captcha plugins for FluxBB, and may have found one that will work. I’m ready to test it, but need access to the FTP (on campus right now), so I’ll get it *hopefully* working later tonight.

Assuming the plugin installs and works as intended, I’ll allow registrations on the forums again. If not, I’ll probably need to extremely restrict registrations (by manually activating accounts), or ditch FluxBB. Ultimately, I really enjoy FluxBB and wish to keep it if possible, but I also want to have a working message board and forums, so it’s a tough choice. Because FluxBB is open-source, clean, and very minimal, I’ve really enjoyed it. Unfortunately, spending 5+ hours a week banning IPs/accounts, and removing spam & the bots is ludicrous.


With that out of the way, let’s talk future stuff for GDT. With consistent backlogs of work, homework, and being… Well, just plain busy — it’s been remarkably difficult for me to maintain any reasonable consistency with the website updates. I’ve tried and failed, and tried again… The problem is simple; I lack time. Now, that isn’t to say that I don’t have plans, but merely that I’ve been too busy to implement them.

Some interesting future additions that I want to eventually get implemented into GDT:

-Fixing up the spam on our forums & getting registration back up is top tier priority
-Adding a media section & begin uploading things (Open-source dev builds for emulators, and possibly some anime or games?)
-A review section will be added, where I partake in reviewing various games, media, etc, and post up a video to YouTube to complement this
-Getting my faction in PWI a working website and forums (http://borealis.gdevtalk.net). This is a long and large process that will take weeks of work, I’m imagining)

And of course, I have plans to add guides and stuff to our forums for various things too. Again, it’s just all a work in progress.

Take care! 🙂