Mar 06

Wait a minute… I’m alive!?

So, it’s been a while… Lol. With the last few months of no website work, I assume most have come to the conclusion that I’ve all but given up, died, etc. Well, I’m still around, though incredibly busy. Nothing super awesome has happened to the website/forums, but I have taken action against the enormous spam bots that were ripping through both the WordPress blog & the forums. I turned off registration on the forums (temporary), and made comments have to be approved on WordPress. I’ve also banned over 400 bots & IPs of said bots from the forums, then removed their banned accounts completely (the name & IP of each user is saved in the database of bans). This should halt a lot of issues we have been having with spam.

Obviously, it’s not ideal. The forums are pretty much closed for now, until I can either find a captcha method/plug-in to stop bots, or move to another forum’s software all-together. As frustrating as that all is, we must progress…

I’ve had 0 minutes and 0 hours to work on the website lately, so no media/game stuff has been worked on. Again, I must partake in leaving the viewers with merely my word – that there will come a day in the future, when I actually am fairly active and bring content.

On some not so news-related stuff:
-I got a Macbook Pro
-I got new speakers for desktop PC
-I worked on my Steam account and have over 120+ games
-I got Google Glass
-I got a wireless Beats headset

I’ve also had no time to work on game video content via YouTube, or even play anything. College & work have taken up that needed time. Doing 25 hours a week at work + 17 credits in college isn’t exactly a walk in the park.

Anyways, do expect something in the future! If you need to contact me at all or want to get registered on the forums, send an e-mail to admin@gdevtalk.net