Dec 06


Hey guys, again sorry for the lack of updates, news, media, and stuffs. I’ve been busy with finals and finishing this semester of college, and have gotten back into playing Perfect World International (PWI). We’ve had some pretty large spam issues lately on WordPress (main webpage), and FluxBB (forums), so I’ll have to begin looking into things like CAPTCHA plug-ins and what not. I have set WordPress to basically not allow any comments without my permission.

Unfortunately, FluxBB doesn’t natively have any real spam control. I’ve had to ban about 40-50 bots that registered on the forums in the last week, spammed up with threads, etc etc. I believe we will need to look into spam plug-ins via FluxBB’s website. Once we get that set up, I’ll continue working on the website’s content, media, etc.

See ya soon!