Nov 14

Minor update for this week + ‘Dat Blog

Site news:

Hey guys! I’ve implemented a PM feature in our forums by installing a fan-made plugin. This will allow for users to private message others. I’ve been quite busy this week, so I don’t have much else to offer. I’ve also been toying with a web-development piece of software for offline use, called AMPPS. It’s pretty unique and I’m finding it helpful in teaching myself more about working with different services offered online. Hopefully in the coming week I’ll have more to offer you guys. I’m still hoping to push out some new sections on the website and work on a list of media that could be uploaded for downloading. In the mean time, bare with the lack of content updates for now.


Now, because tonight I have had a significant amount of caffeine, I feel that it would be fun and somewhat enjoyable to ramble on a bit about my life, thoughts on things, etc. Lately I’ve found myself becoming quite tired through-out the day. When this semester started, I had to wake up around 6am for math all days of the week except Friday, and I found myself stuck in classes and around the college campus most of the day (10-15 hours monday-friday). I worked friday night at my shitty job (sometime, I will delve into this topic), and all saturday/sunday was spent at my job as well. I’ve always been piss-poor at math, for whatever reason(s), and I needed math & accounting this semester to push forth into my major. Unfortunately, I did poorly in math and accounting, which resulted in lots of drama of what would happen to me for the rest of the semester. I had to drop both courses and focus on my remaining classes – physics and INET policy and regulations. Since I was on academic probation for failing microeconomics and structures of programming 2 the previous semester, I had to put an application in for another sub-college on the campus AND a change in major to Communications – OR face expulsion from the college for two academic semesters (1 year). I should be accepted into CLA (the sub-college I applied too), as I was accepted through e-mail, but not formally.

Anyways, I’ve been sleepy lately and have found myself with more free time than I had before. I seem to stay up late (I prefer late nights… Always have), and I’ve become somewhat lazy. Caffeine has always helped, but it seems that I must take an enormous amount to feel energized – and even when I do, the result isn’t always something productive, as I had expected. So, what’s the trick to pulling off good grades in the remaining two classes, all while managing a college/major transfer, work, and life? Maybe more caffeine, haha. But really, I’m a somewhat complicated person. I don’t push myself all the time, and sometimes when I do, I over-do it, such as injuring myself or burning myself out.

As for video games… For as big of a gamer that I am, lately I haven’t played much. I tried and enjoyed briefly, State of Decay (zombie survival), and have been watching YouTube gameplay of some of the newer games out lately. I’ve fallen out of touch with my old MMO-crush – Perfect World International, but still host the Ventrilo server that I never use, for my old faction-mates. The company behind that game has kind of dug it’s inevitable grave, and it’s a waste to dick around in a game where everything you do is worthless soon after and/or money will buy power. I should be playing Guild Wars 2, as I have the game and lots of new content has been pushed out since it’s release… But I can’t ever get into it, because I never have that much time available. I’ve also taken a look at setting up my own personal PWI 1.4.6 server, but have come to realize that ┬áit would be too time consuming and/or difficult to get it all set up. Possible, but worth the effort? Not really, lol.

It’s always nice to post some personal thoughts on life. I feel that too many people in this world don’t voice their thoughts or opinions. I’m sure in the future, I’ll continue more of these little rambles into my life. Until then,

See ya later!