Nov 04

Updates rolling in!

Hey all, it’s been a busy day here at GDevTalk. I’ve completed these tasks recently:
-Removed all bots & spam off forums; Implemented a few fixes that may¬†fix these issues in the future (We’ll see…)
-Compiled and posted the rules & guidelines of the forums/website on the forums
-Finished the “About Me/History” section of the website

Here’s the next TODO list:
-Link up a shoutbox on the sidebar of our website and/or (This could be tricky, due in part by WordPress & FluxBB’s limitations on manual coding on sides of the website/forums)
-Post link to YouTube channel on website
-Compile a list of media to upload/share; may include my own encodes
-Work on setting up other sections of website – Reviews, Emulator builds, etc

Still a lot of work to complete, but things are definitely getting more polished around here. It should be noted, as I haven’t yet brought up my personal schedule. Friday-Sunday I work 8 hours each day, and thus will generally make little progress on the website/forums. Monday-friday I have classes, but mon-tues I have less in the way of classes/homework. Typically, most work will be completed around monday-Wednesday, for now.

It should also be noted that I’ve been posting these news posts in the forums as duplicates, so that users have browse the forums and see the latest news/updates as well.

See ya soon!