Nov 01

Slow progress

Hey all, sorry it’s been a few days. I’ve been busy with school-work and what not. Today I updated our WordPress to 3.7.1, and also did some minor work on background non-essential stuff in the forums. I’ve noticed we are having a slight spam/bot issue running on FluxBB’s latest update (1.5.4 – stable), and I’ve been doing some digging into ways that could prevent this. I may need to implement further mechanics and restrictions on registering, and/or use some sort of anti-spam/bot plugin. Without a doubt, more work will need to be done to fine-tune and polish that section of our website.

Though progress has been quite slow, I would *hope* it will pick back up soon enough. I don’t have any immediate plans, but I think finishing up some of the core pages and forum stuff should be our priority as of right now. Ideally, I’d like to get these small-ish tasks completed in the coming week or so:

-Finish “About me” and “history” sections of website

-Figure out how to stop most bots & spamming on the forums

-Finish creating a set of guidelines and rules in the forums

-Connect up (somehow) my YouTube channel to the website

After these tasks have been completed, I’ll look into some other cool things – media (anime, manga, etc), encodes, game reviews, emulation, and connectivity with my YouTube channel.

See ya soon!