Apr 26

WordPress updates

Hey guys and gals,

I’ve updated our WP installs, including themes and plug-ins. If I get a chance later, I will likely update our MyBB forums install as well.


Oct 20

Small website cleanup!

Hey all,

Another fairly minor update to our website. I’ve removed the wiki sub-domain links, and made a small forum post/update to note the future plans of the wiki. This minor fix was applied to both GDT and Borealis’s WP installs, and should reflect a minor cleanup of the website.

The news regarding future updates on the Wiki can be found here.

Oct 15

Minor updates to website backend

Hey all,

School has been quite busy, but I have updated WordPress, themes and plug-ins for both WP installs (Borealis + main site). I’ve also updated our forums to the latest build. This will hopefully make website experience a bit better and fix any security problems that could occur due to a flaw.

See ya!

Jul 21

Website troubles

Hello all,

Over the last 18 days we have had a website outage. While I do apologize for this, it was (as most expected), completely out of my hands. The mini wiki project @ http://wiki.gdevtalk.net was a complete flop, as it began to get hit pretty aggressively with spam and bots. Coincidentally, I was out of town while this was happening. The sub-domain essentially got hit so hard that it could be considered a DDOS attack, and the web-host terminated HTTP access until I resolved the issue.

I came back on the 11th (problem started on the 3rd), to find my website unresponsive, and immediately took action by removing the sub-domain and contacting the webhost with a ticket. Days began passing with no response. It took until today for them to give HTTP access back, and even so — I had to deal with 7 live support chats to get this resolved.

So, while I do apologize, I’m just happy that I was successful at resolving the issue. The website is back up and running, and we should look toward the future projects!

Mar 25

That Fresh Feel

Keeping the website fresh, I decided to add the Graphene theme to the main webpage. More work will be needed to tweak things here and there.

This theme is very versatile. I’ve had it in my to-do list for a while. Enjoy!

Mar 11

PW-Wiki Up!

Hey all, very minor work has been done so far on the wiki, but it should be noted that I have installed and set up the software on our subdomain. You can find the PW-Wiki on our sidebar (http://wiki.gdevtalk.net). More work will be done shortly!

Mar 04

Site-wide software update!

Yo, yo! Hey all, a very quick update to the uninformed. I’ve went ahead and updated our WordPress installs for GDT/Borealis to the latest ones + updated plugins/themes. I’ve went ahead and also updated the Contoni install for MusicTracker (my side-project), and I’ve also updated our forums MyBB install to 1.8.4 — the latest available version.

A few projects on their way:

-Planet Forever server (Earth Eternal)
-PWI-Wiki using the open-source wiki software available online
-Updates to Ecatomb at some point w/ new images, etc
-MusicTracker finally getting up and running

Check back soon!

Nov 24

A Discussion on Capitalism

Capitalism is problematic, but has provided so much to our society. This topic has really resonated with me in the last few years, while I have been working on my undergrad. Education is interesting… Without proper education, one is more often than not confined to poverty and working remedial (mostly service-based) jobs. We need these types of people in society, though, right? This should be noted that I live in the United States, so this perspective is relative.

Education confinements

The problem with education is that without it we are confined to poverty. However, with it, one has more chances and opportunities for solid employment. One can work a job that they have less distaste for than a job that has no requirement for a degree. This is a fact, and a lot of proponents of capitalism and education in its current state will attempt to fool you. Education after high-school isn’t a must-have, and general education through technical schooling for specific crafts are note-worthy. Unfortunately, most corporate employers have requirements of not only experience (which one supposedly acquires through internship opportunities during their undergraduate program), but a four-year bachelors degree in a specific field. An example of this is my current employer – Target, requires a four-year degree in any field to obtain the ETL/corporate positions. If you’ve worked 50 years for the company and have worked your way up to a TL (manager) position, they could care less. If you have a 2 year degree, it’s not enough. Furthermore, if you have no degree but are only a few classes away, you are still not “worthy”.

This problem comes back around to costs.


This blog post is a WIP and I will update it frequently until I have compiled it completely — will then push the thread to our forums 😉


Oct 15

New forums!

Hey all,

I’ve fixed up our forums. Just a friendly reminder that we are a growing network now with Ecatomb, GDT, Borealis, and MusicTracker all projects being worked on. FluxBB is no more!


Sep 03

Ecatomb is up!

Wow, I’m surprised I completed this so quickly tonight. It’s a complete back-up online here. More to come on this project for sure in the future.


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